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Lisa K Simone
Lisa Simone

Lisa is a technology and embedded systems expert in several fields including medical, wireless telecommunications, consumer products, industrial automation and human performance assessment.  She has designed software and embedded devices and led international teams from pure research and product concept through delivery.

Lisa is a published author in several areas.  She has authored peer-reviewed engineering and medical articles and published a fiction book of mysteries.  Lisa has received federal and state grant funding for rehabilitation and wearable systems, and developed and taught university level engineering design courses.

Lisa has a Management of Technology (MOT) MS degree from The Wharton School and University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and a PhD and MS in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in instrumentation and cardiology from Rutgers University.  Her undergraduate degree is in Electrical Engineering, also from Rutgers University.

Lisa is currently a biomedical and software engineer in the US FDA's Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories (OSEL) within the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).  She continues her interest in understanding how devices fail through forensic analysis of medical device recalls, with goals to convey how product development processes can be improved to bring safer and more effective medical devices to market. 

Phone on Fire Lisa Simone
If I Only Changed the Software, Why is the Phone on Fire?
Technical Mysteries for Engineers
by Lisa K Simone

Your new product crashes and burns ... so now what do you do?

Welcome to Hudson Technologies, home of 4 engineers who tackle real-life software and hardware problems while upper management and customers hover nervously. They're faced with 10 technical mysteries of products behaving badly, with the pain of management pressure that "this must be fixed today."

"Phone on Fire" is a series of neat technical mysteries -  CSI-for-engineers - that reveals problem-solving skills in a fun-to-read story format.

Available at

Real Life Debugged Blog Lisa Simone
Amusing Stories from a World Hamstrung by Technology

I've been debugging technology all my life - from broken computer programs, flaming embedded systems, crashing industrial machinery and crazy mishaps that sidetrack daily life. 

My blog explores stuff that goes wrong and how a little pondering (and power tools) can fix things right up.  Life sure isn't boring, and neither is my blog - healthy doses of humor and sarcasm with a bit of experience thrown in.